Mittelstand-Digital – built on three pillars:

Netzwerk Zentren Mittelstand-Digital


Mittelstand-Digital Innovation Hubs part of the nationwide Mittelstand-Digital network

The Hubs in the nationwide network support small and medium-sized enterprises and the skilled crafts throughout Germany on an impartial basis by providing:

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The AI instructors based at the Hubs also offer special support on all issues relating to the use of artificial intelligence – for beginners through to experienced users.

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Digital Now investment grant programme

Digital Now offers financial support for investments in digital technology and digital skills among the workforce. Up to €50,000 in funding can be provided per company. In the case of investment in value chains or networks, this rises to up to €100,000 per company. The funding rate is graduated in line with company size.

Transferstelle IT-Sicherheit im Mittelstand


Cybersecurity for SMEs Initiative with the Cybersecurity for SMEs Transfer Centre (TISiM)

The Cybersecurity for SMEs Initiative provides tailored services to support small and medium-sized enterprises in improving their IT security.
The Cybersecurity for SMEs Transfer Centre – TISIM serves as a point of contact for questions relating to IT security for the Mittelstand and the skilled crafts. It offers practical information and support on how to deal with the dangers posed by cyberattacks. In addition, TISiM promotes various services to support companies undertaking projects, whether collaborative or individual. These aim to help raise awareness and to empower companies in the Mittelstand to improve their cyber security. This work forms part of the free services provided by TISiM.


Mittelstand-Digital Innovation Hubs
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Cybersecurity for SMEs Initiative
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Digital Now
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